Thursday, September 1, 2011

Raftless Makerbot O' Boy!!!

After some battles with Skeinforge, trying to figure out why my first layer is not adhering to the raft.  I have tweeked and fiddled with settings for days.  It was time for me to attempt the raftless route.  With a HBP, this is the way to go so I am told.  There are some adjustments that need to be made both with the Z axis height, as well as some Skeinforge modifiations.  Benefits of going raftless are that there is no material to cut away from the bottom of your piece after it has been printed, you save on filament, print times are shortened and..... "Your first layer adheres to the build platform!!"

Bravo to Jetguy on Thingiverse forum for the guidance!

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